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quick drawing at work.
Possible shirt graphic. Stay Sharp & Stay Tuned.
oh hey. its my birthday.
Doing this collaborative tumblr with a friend of mine stevendraws, will be posting sloppy quick drawings for fun and practice. Kind of stoked about it, you should check it out.
you feeling lucky, punk?
you feeling punk, lucky?

The finished illustration for one of our next releases! 
I should go to bed.
WIP for Ides of March

was anyone else pissed about this?


I had the opportunity to work with Ides of March Clothing to create this t-shirt design. 
You can purchase this shirt and other designs I have done for them at
get your work featured by submitting it to

Anonymous is me. I am the anonymous one.
Working on my novel. Preface by Wes Anderson.
what am i doing with my life
If I had a personal trainer, he would be the most ultimate 90’s bad ass. His name would be MUSS AL.